Touch was never meant to be a luxury. It is a basic human need. But it feels pretty good, too.


What should I expect during my first massage therapy visit?

Your massage therapist may require you to fill out a health history form. Afterward the therapist will begin by asking you general questions to establish what areas you would like worked on, if there are any conditions needing to be addressed, and to determine if massage is appropriate for you. Your massage therapist may perform certain assessments and testing to evaluate your condition and to see if you have any presenting complaints.

It is important to list all health concerns and medications so the therapist can adapt the session to your specific needs without doing any harm. It is also important to list any allergies so the therapist is aware if he/she needs to use a different oil or lotion during the session.

Do I have to be completely undressed?

For a full body massage, most people get completely undressed. However, if you will be more comfortable during the session if you leave your underwear on, that's fine. The therapist will work around the clothes you left on as best as he/she can. If removing all your clothes makes you too nervous and unable to relax, then you are not getting the optimal benefit from the session. Your massage therapist will give you privacy to undress and get comfortable on the table. Once you are on the table, you will be modestly draped (covered). The only part left uncovered will be the part on which your therapist is working.

What do I do during a massage treatment?

Make yourself comfortable. If your therapist wants you to adjust your position, he/she will either move you or will ask you to move what is needed. Otherwise, change your position anytime to make yourself more comfortable. Many people close their eyes and relax completely during a session; others prefer to talk. It's up to you. It is your massage, and whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time.

Will the massage hurt?

This depends on the type of massage and the depth of the strokes. A light, relaxing massage that doesn't probe very deep into the muscles, shouldn't hurt. With that being said, there is a 'feels good' hurt and an 'ouch, stop it' hurt. A good massage, even a really deep tissue massage, should always stay in the 'feels good' hurt range. Pain can be an indication that the muscle is possibly injured or inflamed and pressure should be adjusted. Also, pain can cause you to tighten up and negate the relaxing effects of the massage. The most effective and deepest massage always works with your body's natural response, not against it. If you are seeking treatment for a certain injury or ailment, some mild pain can occur. Always communicate with your therapist about your pain level.

Can I talk during my session?

Sure, if you'd like to talk, go right ahead. The important thing to remember is that this treatment is all about you relaxing and enjoying the experience. In many instances, people may feel more relaxed starting off talking, and as the massage progresses, enter quiet states of relaxation. If you prefer to talk during the entire masage, that is fine too. The important issue here is that there are times when you need to speak up. If the therapist is doing anything to make you uncomfortable, you should let him/her know immediately. Also, let him/her know if you get too warm or too cold, if the room is too bright, or if the pressure needs to be changed (lighter or deeper). If something is not working for you - speak up! It's OK!

How will I feel after my massage treatment?

Most people feel very relaxed. Some experience a significant decrease or freedom from long-term aches and pains. Many feel a little slowed down for a short period and then notice an increase of energy, heightened awareness and increased productivity which can last for days. If you received a deep massage, you may be slightly sore the next day - much like a good workout at the gym. Sometimes a hot shower, or a soak in the tub can ease this soreness. After your session you should increase your water intake a bit. Just a a couple glasses more than normal is usually fine. This helps keep your body's tissues hydrated and healthy.

When should I not get a massage?

Massage is beneficial almost all the time. However, there are some instances when a massage is not a good idea. If you are running a fever or have a contagious skin condition, you should not get a massage. There are other conditions where it is a good idea to get an approval from your physician before you receive massage (cancer, certain heart conditions, high blood pressure, pregnancy). This doesn't mean you can't get a massage. But it is always better to err on the side of caution with any serious condition. Your therapist can advise you about your specific needs. Please, always be truthful before your massage when discussing or filling out the medical history section of your intake form.

I am self-conscious about my body. Should I still get a massage?

Yes! Do not worry about your body type or appearance. Just like your physician, massage therapists have seen hundreds of bodies of all types. Your therapist does not care if you didn't have time to shave before your appointment.

Can I bring someone with me to my massage session?

Unfortunately, our current therapy room is not large enough to accomodate a third person. For this reason, it is not possible for anyone else to be with you in the room during your massage. There is, however, a lobby, as well as several other businesses not far from where we are located, in case someone needs to occupy their time while you are getting your massage.

Should I tip my massage therapist?

Tipping is a matter of personal discretion. Some clients do tip, some do not. You will get the same level of excellent service whether you tip or not. Tips are never required, but always appreciated.

Do I get a full 60 minutes if I book an hour massage?

Yes. At some places, your 60 minute massage ends up being about 50 minutes. If you book a massage for an hour at Renewed Body Massage, you get a full 60 minutes of table time. We do ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow a comfortable amount of time for you to complete the intake form and use the restroom in order to ensure that you get your full amount of actual massage time. The only exception to the full massage length policy is if you are late to your appointment.

I bought a massage package, but have changed my mind. Can I receive a refund?

Packages are transferable, but non-refundable. If you have a friend or relative, they can use the massages you purchased as part of your package. Just let us know, and you are welcome to gift the entire package or individual massages. It is important to note, when you purchase the massage package, you are purchasing the package from Renewed Body Massage, and not an individual therapist. As with any business, we sometimes experience turnover with our staff. Therefore, refunding a massage package because a particular therapist is no longer with the company is simply not feasible. We do promise, however, to always have quality therapists at Renewed Body Massage. Unlike some of the large massage chains stores, we have very high standards for our therapists. You will always receive personalized service and treatment, regardless of your therapist. And, you can switch between therapists as often as you like! The same refund policy applies for pre-paid services, gift certificates, and coupons. The services will always be honored, but we do not offer refunds.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is the same as it is at most salons and massage therapy businesses. If you cancel with a minumum 24 hours notice, you will not be billed or penalized in any way. If, however, you cancel inside that 24 hour window, you will be charged for the entire price of your session. If you were scheduled to receive a discounted service, you will be charged the full price of the service. We are a thriving business, and our time slots are in demand. By canceling at the last minute (or not showing up for your appointment), you are not only wasting a spot that could have been used by a client who needed that spot, you are also taking money from the pocket of your therapist. If you purchased a massage package, and do not show for your appointment, or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will lose that massage from your package. Again, this policy is an industry standard.